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Harahan Fast CAT (10/2 - 10/4)

Instructions: The sample video below shows the different angles that we captured during this event. Due to working out the logistics on the fly, and this being our first time working an event like this, not all races were captured. We did our best to get everyone that was interested. On Friday and Saturday, we captured most of the dogs that ran in the morning. Sunday we captured pretty much every dog that ran.


Unfortunately, a roster was not provided, so we are unable to match dogs with their videos. The video below is a good idea of you can expect for your dog. If you are interested in seeing your dog's clip, please send us an email at and we will send you the clip(s) for your dog(s) and instructions for purchasing the clip(s) once editing is complete. In the email, please include the day your dog ran, a rough time estimate when they ran, dog breed, dog's colors, and a photo if possible. This information will help us better identify your dog. 


Videos can be purchase for $21 if your clip is less than 15 seconds and for $26 if your clip is longer than 15 seconds. If you would like to purchase multiple videos, a package deal can be offered. This is our first time shooting at an event like this, so we are still tweaking how we are going to charge, so pricing is subject to minor adjustments upon completion of video editing. 

Some clients have asked me to justify the price of my videos, so I put together a brief write up of everything that goes into drone video productions.


Videography is an entirely different animal than photography. It takes several hundred photos to make up just one 10-second video. For that reason, editing video with music takes a lot longer than batch editing photos from an event. A photographer can automate their cropping; color grading; and editing, while a videographer has to manually adjust every aspect of their videos. By no means am I discounting the work of a photographer; I am also a photographer and understand the challenges that editing photos bring.


A drone pilot carries a lot of risks when operating. Random equipment failures, unexpected conditions, and possible injury to people and animals all played a role in the risk associated with this operation. I am a licensed commercial drone pilot; and I bring all of my knowledge, experience, and technical ability to my jobs to ensure the safety and well-being of participants. While I don't discount the benefit of exposure and getting my name and product in front of more people, my team put a lot of hours into filming the event and then editing the footage.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a call at (504) 481-6379. 

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